Political consultations in Georgia

“The effort put by the Georgian people into democratic reforms and Georgia’s military contribution to international stabilization operations merit recognition by NATO and the European Union,” Deputy Minister Bartosz Cichocki emphasized during his meeting with Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani.

Opening the programme of Deputy Minister Cichocki’s two-day visit to Georgia, the MFA consultations covered bilateral relations, the NATO-Georgia relationship, regional security, and the Eastern Partnership. In a separate meeting with David Rakviashvili, head of the National Security Council of Georgia, Poland’s deputy foreign policy chief discussed issues of broadly defined security and NATO.

While in Georgia, Deputy Minister Bartosz Cichocki also travelled to the area surrounding the village of Khurvaleti. It has been affected by what is known as borderization or the installation of fences, barbed wire and other physical barriers on the boundary line, carried out in breach of international law by the Russian forces occupying the region of Tskhinvali/South Ossetia. “Poland fully supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders,” he stressed. 

Moreover, the Polish deputy foreign minister inaugurated an international seminar entitled “NATO – Georgia relations 10 years after the Bucharest Summit: State of play and prospects for the future,” which was hosted by the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi. Organized by the Polish MFA in cooperation with the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Institute for European Policy in Prague, the seminar was attended by Georgian government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of think tanks, and journalists.

Deputy Minister Bartosz Cichocki also visited selected development projects which have been implemented across Georgia with financial support from the Polish Aid programme.

MFA Press Office

source: http://www.mfa.gov.pl/en/news/political_consultations_in_georgia