Competition on the Creation of Public Awareness on Access to Drugs, Community Mobilization and Advocacy

The Public Health Program of the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) aims to support and promote universal human rights in the health care sphere, support active involvement of civil society and marginal groups in the development of the health care policy and improvement of government transparency and accountability for the health care issues.

Problem Description:

The government of Georgia launched a new waive of reforms by the implementation of the universal health care program in 2013. The environment has changed both in the health care sector and the insurance market since the launch of the program.  The share of the state in financing the programs that have been basically financed by foreign donors (HIV/AIDs,   TB, oncological disease treatment programs etc.) has increased.  As part of the next waive of reforms the government intends to strengthen public-private partnership (PPP) models in the health care sphere, pursue the policy of decreasing drug prices, introduce the e-health system, involve cost containment mechanisms in the existing system and make other major changes to it.     

The reforms should be tailored to the needs of specific communities of patients.  However the civil society is not involved in the processes sufficiently, while patient groups properly. The participation is more limited for the people having diseases closely associated with some stigma and discrimination (HIV/AIDs, TB, mental health, oncologic diseases, opioid substitution therapy etc.).

These groups of patients particularly need to be involved in the current processes but they often lack knowledge, skills and experience in the issues like development of state health care programs, budget advocacy, program monitoring etc., which is necessary for the turning these groups into key stakeholders in the process of reforms.


Support active involvement of civil society, including patient groups, in the ongoing health care system reform processes in Georgia.


§  Patient community mobilization; raising potential of patient groups and community leaders in the process of making decisions regarding development of vital state programs, their budgeting, implementation, supervision and evaluation.

§  Increasing public awareness on access to medicines:  for HIV/AIDs, TB, mental health, oncological diseases, opioid substitution therapy etc.

§  Running advocacy process targeted at increasing access to medicines; resolving other issues in the governance sphere restricting the right to health in Georgia.


As part of the project support will be provided for the purchase of medical equipment and medicines.

The project implementation period shall not exceed 12 months.

The ceiling amount requested in the application – USD 17 000

The total budget of the competition – USD 65 000.

The deadline for submitting project applications – 18 November 2016 

The results of the application selection process will be announced after 20 December 2016.

To submit an application:

Project applications shall be prepared according to the requirements set for the Grant Application Form and structure. To submit a project application, please fill in the application form available at:


Submitting an Application:                    

The project application and appendices shall be submitted in hard copies: 1) in 3 copies (1 original document and 2 photo copies) at the following address: The Open Society Georgia Foundation, 10 Chovelidze St., Tbilisi 0108 and shall be registered in the administrative office of the OSGF; 2) Applicants shall also present 1 electronic version of the application recorded on CD or send it at the e-mail address:

Dates of providing consultations: 10 and 11 November, 10:00 – 12:00 o’clock

Projects received after the deadline will not be considered.

Materials submitted will not be returned to the authors.

Contact person: Mari Chokheli mob: 599157899